Sample Maps

This page contains a series of sample maps made with my tileset.  These are 99%accurate recreations of A Link to the Past.  Keep in mind that these maps are NOT a recreation of the full game.  They are simply the maps themselves, as such there are no teletransporters in these maps which will lead outside of the maps.  This means that if you interact with any teletransporters you will simply respawn in the same map at the starting location (if the default destination is set to that map), or you may even be spawned at the upper left corner so if you wish to explore the maps keep the teletransporters in mind.

Something else to note:  You will need to make sure that you update the tilesets frequently for these maps, just in case changes are made, tiles do not appear correctly or at all, or if maps simply do not load.  You will need:

Maps are created from scratch, and are inspired by Amine M's Link to the Past Solarus edition project.  That said, I am not in collaboration with the project or Amine M, nor am I trying to steal his or her thunder by doing this.  I did this to showcase the tileset's capabilities.

Map Completion:

(Right-click on a part of the map to download its data file)
Map screenshots shown here were taken directly from Solarus


 Happy mapping!