Creating a Summit

In A Link to the Past, Death Mountain had one of the most beautiful parallaxing backgrounds in any game I had played at that time.  I remember I would spend hours on the summit near the Tower of Hera, and the stone slate where you got the Ether medallion, and even in the east-most isolated area that would lead you to the dark world and Turtle Rock's main entrance.

Now, in Solarus, we can not only recreate that summit with my tiles, but with the latest update, we can do even more!

Adding trees and clouds may be a great addition to any summit, but where are the houses, mountains, and lakes?  In A Link to the Past, the short answer is "nowhere" because these tiles were never created.  I took the liberty of doing so.  Let's make a prettier summit.

First, create a map.  For the purpose of this tutorial, I made mine 256 x 512.  Make sure you also set the map to the Full Hyrule tileset.  Finally, in the map properties panel, make sure that you set the Layers to "-2 to 2".  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Once finished, you can begin creating isolated mountain ranges.


In this tutorial I created 3.  One at the northern-most end of the map, and two toward the bottom, separated by a small body of land.  Yours does not have to use the same color rock formations, nor does it need to be exactly like mine.  Decorate it any way you like, or simply leave it blank.  It's up to you.


Tip: Be sure the solid tiles are placed behind the rock formation tiles.  Select them after resizing and press "B" to move them behind the other tiles.



While we're at it, we MUST make sure that ALL the tiles for your summit are on layer 0!


Press CTRL+A and right clickSelect "Layer 0" in the context menu.  Deselect the tiles by clicking anywhere outside the map.



Add a bridge to connect the aerial islands.  You can connect them however you want.  Once you have, again, make sure that the bridge is on layer 0, and that it is ABOVE all other tiles on this layer.


Select all tiles for the bridge (DO NOT press CTRL+A, just hold SHIFT and left click on each tile individually).  Right-click and change the tiles to Layer 0, and then press T.



Once you are completely happy with the way your islands look, Hide Layer 0.


You can do this by either pressing "0" on the keyboard, or by clicking on the Show Layer 0 button at the top in the menu.

We'll need this layer out of our way while we edit the ground below.


Once you have Layer 0 hidden, scroll to the tree tops sections in the tileset (each tree top section has a variation of tiles that match the rock formations and the village houses.  Remember, just like the full-sized tiles, these tiles have alpha transparencies and must be placed with care.


Begin making a pretty vista with these tiles.  To give the houses colored rooftops, just like in the full-sized tiles, there exists a section of tiles you can use to place behind the houses.  Since these tiles are not going to be obstacles, and are completely aesthetic, we don't need to worry about whether the Hero can walk through them or not. 

All parallax tiles have the "empty" property attached to them, and by default are placed on Layer -1.

Something to remember:  All parallax tiles MUST be on a layer by themselves.  In other words, if you have tiles on Layer 0, parallax tiles MUST go on a new layer and CANNOT be placed with other non-parallaxing tiles.  Doing this will result in glitchy tiles.  This is why the map has two negative layers below layer 0.




Finally, let's place a ground tile underneath the entire parallaxed image.  You will do this by first making Layer 0 visible again.

Remember, you can either click the "Show Layer 0" button, or press 0 on the keyboard to show it again.

Resize the ground tile you wish to use to stretch across the entire map.  Remember it's either "R", or (if for some reason it does not work) right-click and select "Resize".

Once you do, right-click on the ground tile and select Layer -2.  Again, it MUST NOT GO ON THE SAME LAYER AS THE PARALLAX TILES!

This looks much better than some boring forest and clearing!  Now you can have prettier vistas on your summits.  I hope this has helped with your creations!!

Happy Mapping!